Content Overview

Whiz Kids

A wide array of interesting educational app content accompanies you and your children to learn languages, mathematics and general studies at home, so as to foster multiple intellectual development and happy learning.

  • Languages

    • Kids A-Z

      Includes two award-winning electronic English reading resources, Raz-Kids and Reading A-Z (eBooks only), which provides over 2,600 English eBooks with audio in 29 levels according to your kid’s needs.

      * Only applicable to designated customers.
      The Kids A-Z offered is student version for home use only, and it is provided by a third party provider, Learning A-Z, which content may be subject to change from time to time with or without prior notice.
    • Oxford Reading Club

      1,000+ titles across 13 series of leveled readers, including the renowned Oxford Reading Tree, suitable for Kindergarten and Primary School students. Features & benefits include: (i) Cloud-based e-book technology tracks reading history, view the progress at a glance; (ii) Integrated audio and activities to improve all areas of learning including 4 skills which can cater for different learning styles and achieve effective language input; (iii) Learners can look up Oxford dictionary definitions with example sentences from other books in the library for a range of contexts, thus building vocabulary pool easily with in-depth understanding; (iv) Interactive 5-step reading process, gives you 5 times the benefits, help learners to improve all areas of learning including listening, speaking, reading and writing (applicable to selected books only).

      * Only applicable to designated customers.
    • Reading Ferris Wheel

      A collection of over a hundred of e-books, including fairy tales, moral and knowledge education. Each e-book is equipped with Cantonese/Mandarin audio, which helps to develop children’s listening and reading skills.

    • Putonghua on eye

      A comprehensive online platform for primary students to learn Mandarin independently.

      * Applicable to selected eye3 devices only
    • Voice of America on eye

      Voice of America on eye includes a series of English learning videos. A resource to enrich English knowledge through the videos of Everyday Grammar, English at the Movies and English in A Minute.

    • Erudite Dictionary

      Get the most useful bilingual dictionaries with definitions, synonyms, antonyms, grammar and examples of usage for more than 300,000 English words. It also supports offline pronunciation, simplified and traditional Chinese and English translations in English, US English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

    • Kids Learn to Read FREE

      A delightful game that invites children to blend sounds together to form, read and spell words made up of only three letters of the alphabet, such as dog, sun and big.

    • Kids ABC Phonics Lite

      Helps kids to pronounce letters of the alphabet correctly.

    • Kids ABC Letter Lite

      A delightful game helps your preschool-aged kids to learn the alphabet letter names and practice letter shapes, letter recognition, and finding letters in context.

    • Chinese Word Quiz

      Interactive Chinese exercise by which children are able to enhance their command of language and knowledge of Chinese words.

    • Idiom Game

      Help children learn idioms via a fun-filled interactive game. Origin & explanation of idiomatic expressions in Chinese and sentence construction are also available.

      * Content available in Cantonese only
    • Bedtime Stories For Children

      Includes 100 exciting stories including Bedtime stories, Aesop's Fables, Fairy tales, Early reading stories, Moral stories and more. You may choose 'Read By Myself' to help your little one improve reading skills or 'Read For Me' to boost listening skills. You can also read out the stories to your children. It's the perfect way for parents and kids to bond while reading bedtime stories. Among the huge collection of stories for kids you will find many popular titles as well.

  • Visual-spatial

    • Now Player Junior Service

      A wealth of fun learning content featuring several live channels! From Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Boomerang, CBeebies and Nick Jr. We are talking more than one thousand movies and shows and many hours of fun for kids.

      * Additional charges apply. Please contact our hotline at 2888 0008 (press 3) for details. Now Player Junior Service (including the Now Player Junior App) is provided by PCCW Media Limited and third party provider.
    • World Fairy Tales

      Children can learn about moral standards by enjoying this comprehensive collection of famous fairy tales including those from Andersen, the Brothers Grimm, Aesop's Fables and Chinese idiom stories.

      * Content available in Cantonese only
  • Mathematics & General Studies

    • Kidlo Coding Games for Kids on eye

      Kidlo Coding Games for Kids is an award-winning app to teach kids (ages 5-9) basics of coding with 10+ fun games & 500+ interesting levels and puzzles to solve.

    • eye Blockly Games

      eye Blockly Games has been launched to carry Google’s Blockly Games, so children can familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of programming. The concept uses simple games to help trigger an interest in technology and encourage logical thinking. Programming language controls machines, so it’s essential for youngsters of the digital era to found out how it all works.

    • IQ Quiz (Kindergarten)

      Challenge your entire family to a fun and brain-testing IQ quiz session.

      * Content available in Cantonese only
    • IQ Quiz (Tertiary)

      Inspire your kids' thinking with interesting IQ quiz.

      * Content available in Cantonese only
    • Modern Primary Mathematics

      This app provides self-learning videos which make self-learning at home much easier.

Certain content is only available on dedicated eye3 device and eye3 service plan. Please refer to the related Service Plan for details.