With the eye3 Smart Communications Service, customers can enjoy comprehensive services including audio and video calling ^, as well as infotainment and educational apps. Simply connect to the Internet, to browse and download the Android apps# from Google Play™# and enjoy a wonderful opportunity to broaden your horizons.

  • A learning companion for your children

    Accompany you and your children to learn languages, mathematics and general studies at home, so as to faster multiple intellectual development and happy learning.

  • Family-based infotainment platform

    All-inclusive entertainment, health and information play a role in making life more convenient and enjoyable for every family member.

  • Selection of thousand recipes

    International cuisines, healthy recipes for children and cooking tips from renowned chef pave the way to an assortment of delicacies for your loved ones.

  • All-round news and entertainment

    Keep up to speed on world affairs by accessing news, finance and entertainment.

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  • ^
    Calling function can be used within the eye3 Service installation address whlist Wi-Fi connection with the designated broadband router can be established. Video call is applicable to designated network and mobile phone / device which support video call.
  • #
    Android apps and Google Play™ service are provided by third parties.